SageTrader: The Professional's Advantage

  • SageTrader, LLC offers sophisticated and active traders a unique trading environment backed by a team with a wealth of experience and guided by the leaders of the former Sage Clearing Corp. and PreferredTrade, Inc. Douglas Engmann, a founder of both Sage Clearing and PreferredTrade, is now the Chairman of the Board of Managers for Sage Brokerage Holdings, LLC, and the parent company of SageTrader.

    Look at the team that we have assembled and judge for yourself. The SageTrader team has an impressive collective 135 years of experience in the professional trading industry, including many who worked at Sage Clearing and PreferredTrade as well as well as at ABN AMRO, Fimat, Newedge, and ED&F Man.

    The firm offers excellent customer service and caters to the client's individual needs. We don't just talk about this important aspect of the customer experience; we live it every single trading day.

    SageTrader specializes in Customer Portfolio Margin (CPM). Our team pioneered the implementation of the initial SEC Customer Portfolio Margin pilot program in 2005 and now has 8 years of experience in serving CPM clients.

    SageTrader clients also have the benefits of the proprietary Sage System, which offers trade reporting that can be customized and transparent across multiple accounts, multiple clearing firms or with a sub account structure under one entity. You get convenient web-based customer account information, including all historical data available, on demand. The Sage System offers risk management analysis on a real time basis which has been this team's number one job for 30 years.

    The pioneering Sage System has been serving active traders, funds and market makers for close to 30 years, including Sage Clearing, PreferredTrade, ABN AMRO, Fimat and Newedge.

    In addition, by offering customers flexibility with front-end trading platforms, our clients have flexibility in choosing their execution platforms. It is never a one size fits all solution at SageTrader.

    We clear securities trades through Merrill Lynch Professional Clearing Corp, Wedbush Securities, Inc. and the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Financial Services, LLC (ICBC). Futures are cleared through Knight Futures, a division of Knight Capital Americas, LLC.

    SageTrader is a member of FINRA, SIPC and the NFA.